You don't have to be a groomer or experience agility dog trainer to keep a dog. All you need is some knowledge about dogs and be well prepared to be a good dog owner! Need help on dog's behavior? dog's health problem? having doubts about the right dog products? Well, get all the information you need about dogs here!

Welcome! Yes,you have logged in to a site where you can learn everything about DOGS, learn how to give your beloved dog better health and life.I will provide you guidelines on every subject step by step, it is important to have some knowledge before and after owning one. Trust me,with your love,time and money you spend on your dog it will definitely bring you much joy in return that you could ever ask for!

Dogs are called "man's best friend", owning one will probably bring you some therapeutic value.It helps you to relax and gives you emotional support. There is much evidence shows those who like pets are more likely socially interactive. Whether you have already owned one or going to get one, this site serves you all the valuable guidelines you need to know and learn to be a better owner for the benefit of both you and your beloved paws. If you are going to be a first time owner, I would urge you to read through all the important points before getting one that best suits your life style. Remember, it is important to prepare yourself and your family well before welcoming a new member!

From getting to know about other breeds and their temperament, learning how to choose puppies,training,working with your doggy bad-behaviors, identifying illness and applying first aid etc, well you can gain all the knowledge HERE! On top of that, you will find some interesting areas where you can share with others about your experience with paws at the blog & posting your paws' pictures at the forum etc.(coming soon!) To make this site more interesting for all of you, I added 'fun animals crafts' for you to have fun in the creativity. Please do not hesitate to come back more regularly and sign up as member as I will keep you updated through the newsletters. Hope this will make you and your paws' life more interesting than ever!!


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Getting a dog?- Things to consider before bringing a pet home.
Guidelines to help you in making a better decision on which dog suits you well, how to choose a puppy and what are the essential items you should prepare before getting a dog home.
Essential items for dog - 14 basic items you need before you get a dog home
The essential items for dog you should prepare before your dog's arrival.There are so many types of collars for dogs,canned food,shampoo for dog,dog crates,dog grooming tools....etc.Find out more!
Dog Names - Four important things to consider when choosing a puppy's name.
Dog names - hundreds of unique names for dogs & the meanings from A - Z for female & male dogs. Choose a dog's name that suits the characteristic of your dog.
Dog Age & Lifespan - Dog's Biological Age
How is dog age related to human years? Also, find out more about the lifespan of different dog breeds.
Longevity of Dog Breeds - Do all breeds have the same lifespan?
Longevity of dog breeds are differ. Each breed has different lifespan. Find out more.......
Crate and Cage - a place to confine your dog and training aids
Is crate and cage better for your dog or playpen? What is the different between them?Find out why they are not just a place to confine your dog but also training aids.
Dog Collars - Which type should you get?Also find out about type of leashes too!
Types of dog collars and leashes made of different kind of materials,should you get a Body Harness?Head-Halter?Choker?Martingale collar?Anti-Barking collar?Choose the right one for the right purposes.
Dog Leashes - Why do you need and why they are also training aids?
Dog leashes - find out which type suits your dog, the needs and what you can do with leashes and collars.
Dog bowls - bowls for dog food and water
How many dog bowls do you need? Which type of material of is better for your dog food and water?Metal?Plastic?Ceramic?Also find out about other types of water containers for different purposes.
Dog brush and comb - the essential dog grooming tools for the right dog's hair
Which dog brush and comb?Important to select the correct dog grooming tools because inappropriate brush and comb will damage your dog's hair coat.Learn the correct way to brush your dog's hair coat.
Hypoallergenic dogs are dogs that cause less allergy to human
Hypoallergenic dogs could be dogs that have less hair or don't shed much to trigger human allergy reaction.So which are the dog breeds?They are other factors that could cause allergey to human too.
Dog allergies - what causes it and how many types of allergies in dogs?
Symptoms & causes of dog allergies like dog skin allergies,inhalant & contact dermatitis,hives,hay fever,bronchitis,pneumonitis,gastrointestinal & treatment. Which are the allergy - prone dog breeds?
Allergies - types of allergies in dogs and the symptoms
Informations on types of dog allergies such as inhalant dermatitis,contact dermatitis,hives(urticaria),skin disease,hayfever,bronchitis,gastrointestinal,nasal solar dermatitis,arthritis & more
Dog disease Parvovirus or Parvo,one of the deadly infectious diseases in canine
Canine Parvovirus spread from faeces, find out dog breeds that susceptible to this virus, symptoms and how vets diagnose and treatment.
Is your dog barking non stop? Identify the types of barking
Does your dog always bark non stop when someone is near your door ? Learn about alert, nuisance, and other types of barking.
Questions and Answers about Dogs - Frequent asked by dog owners
Questions and answers about dogs which most dog owners have doubts with their pets.Tips on how to avoid the common mistakes which most dog lovers normally not aware of and how to solve the problems.
Military Dogs - list of breeds,what they are good at and their tasks
Military dogs or war dogs tasks include rescueing,delivering,search and detection.Alaskan,Doberman,German Shepherd,Siberian Husky,Eskimo Dog,Belgian Sheepdog,Colie are breeds that used in the field.
Dog news - interesting news about what dogs can do beyond their capabilities!
Ever heard any bizarre animal & dog news?What else can dogs do besides hunting & guiding the blind?What have human done to dogs?Let me share with you the good & bad news about dogs!
Humorous Dog Pictures - cute and funny dog pictures for laughter!
Ever seen funny animal and dog pictures? Or something bazaar? Or something about dogs and other animals' funny behaviors that make you laugh?
jewelry, charms, and accessories for animal lovers!
Cute and elegant jewelry, charms, accessories in animal figures.Handmade earrings,bracelets,necklaces,keychains & others with semiprecious stones,pearls,swarovski,gold filled findings,sterling silver
Making Crafts - fun and easy dog & animal crafts for both kids and adults!
Making crafts using rubber stamps,stencil,embossing & other methods.Make animal crafts like dog tags,gift tags,bookmarks,packaging,purse,cap,T-shirts,greeting & invitation cards &many more!
How to use embossing techniques to produce the 3D effect on your art work
Learn the embossing techniques with the craft embossing tools. It's easy and fun!
Make Mother's Day Card with rubber stamping technique
Make Mother's Day card in heart shape, it's simple and easy!
Make adorable bookmarks with Beagle dog picture-easy instructions & techniques
Handmade bookmarks using rubber stamps and other carft materials. Make dogs and animals bookmarks for school project or charity!
Make Greeting Cards for all occasions with easy instructions
Greeting cards making with cranes pictures, cute dogs & animals pictures,using various materials and crafting techniques such as rubber stamps, embossing techniques, painting....and more!
Make your own Valentine Cards - 3D greeting card with easy techniques!
Handmade Valentine Cards using rubber stamp with cute cat picture,heart shape balloon and embellishments,other dogs and animals pictures and designs too!
Make dog tags with cute doggy and other animals pictures!
Learn how to make these adorable dog tags with rubber stamps. Handmade dog tags for your storage area, drawers, cabinets or tags for dog food containers......etc.
Handmade Halloween Cards - Halloween Party Invitation Cards for your guests!
Impress your guests with your handmade Halloween cards with dogs and animals pictures! It's easy and fun event kids can do it!
Make Easter Card - it's easy and fun!
Learn how to make Easter Card with cute rabbit picture by using rubber stamp simple technique.
Keeshond or Wolfspitz, also called Chien Loup of Netherlands
Keeshond or Wolfspitz,a wolf look-a-like companion dog with it's thick ruff around the neck, find out more about this breed, it's characteristics, amount of feeding and it's grooming.
Portuguese Water Dog,Cao de Agua-Portugal hypoallergenic fisherman working dog
Portuguese Water Dog was used in retrieving objects in the water,carrying messages between boats and guard the catch.Use to be in longer wavy hair coat but now mostly in shorter,curly thicker coat.
Chihuahua - the short and long hair coat tiny plucky dog of Mexico
This small toy dog Chihuahua decendant of Techichi breed has distintive big round globular eyes and domed rounded apple ears is also a good companion dog. It has very fragile skull, find out more!
Jack Russell - very active, robust and feisty terrier dog of Great Britain
Jack Russell is known for its' snappy and lively in character proven good in hunting and driving out fox. Find out its' temperament, characteristics and amount of feeding.
Samoyed - also called Samoyedkaja, the Russian's "smilling Sammy" white spitz
Samoyed - the white thick coat spitz from the North Pole is a popular sledge dog in the snow. Find out more about its' characteristics and grooming of this working dog.
Dachshund,Germany hounds - short legged,standard and miniature size hunting dog
Dachshund - also called Zwergteckel,known as "sausage dog", were used as badger-hunting dog.Some in smooth,long and wired haired. Learn about their characteristics and about their disc injury problem.
Poodles of Germany or Pudel,other names Barbone,and in French as Caniche
Poodles - the working dog used as 'water retriever',is also a good companion and show dog.In lion or lamb clipped hair. Find out three sizes of Poodles - Standard, Miniature & Toy.
German Shepherd, this herding dog also called Deutscher Schaferhund or Alsatian.
German Shepherd is very famous as police and military guard dog and guide dog for the blind. It's scenting ability and alert makes this breed a good mine and drug detecting working dog.
Alaskan Malamute - the North American Spitz sleigh dog
Alaskan Malamute with its prominent wolfspitz look has weather resistant coat.
Miniature Schnauzer, Standard & Giant size Schnauzer - Germany terrier
Miniature Schnauzer the terrier and herding dog,also called Riesenschnauzer & Zwergschnauzer.Prominent with its' bushy eyebrows,stubby moustache,bristly and chin whiskers.Find out its' characteristics
Shih Tzu, the long hair Lion Dog of Tibet,also called Chrysanthemum Dog in China
Shih Tzu was famous in Emperor of China.Prominent with its' long facial hair tied up on the top of the head.Up pointed nose.Crossed breed between Lhasa Apso & Pekingese.Companion & Court Dog of China.
Golden Retriever of Scotland also called Yellow Retriever and Russian Circus Dog
Golden Retriever - golden flat coated wavy hair, the gundog was first used as retrieving birds dog.
Labrador Retriever of Newfoundland was used to help fishermen haul the nets
Labrador Retriever - this broad skull and broad neck dog is gundog,guide dog and family pet,good scenting dog for detecting drugs and explosive and has the ability of retrieving duck in the water.
Beagle or English Beagle is a scent hound dog of Great Britain
This triangular and rounded ears hound Beagle has good scenting ability,also used in hunting rabbits and wild pigs in Sri Lanka,detacting termite,accompanied on root at horseback and involved in game
Pomeranian is the smallest spitz of Germany
This very puffy golden colour hair coat Pomeranian is light in weight, good companion toy dog and also a watchdog. Erect ears and long curly harsh hairly tail.
Dalmation of Yugoslavia - originated in Dalmatia as carriage dog & firehouse dog
Working dog Dalmation with its' distintive 'piebald' coat black rounded spots,unlike Great Dane breed the spots are not so rounded.Dalmation puppies were born white only develop their spots later.
Weimaraner or Weimaraner Vorstehhund - the gundog of Germany
This hunting dog Weimaraner has distintive metalic sheen grey coat,docked tail and long lobular ears with rounded tips,long muzzle and moderate long neck. A dog with good sense of smell.
Sitemap of dogs, the ultimate list of information about dogs you need to know
Sitemap for your easy reference.All topics about dog breeds,food,accessories,dog training like dog house training & dog agility training,dog health problems,dog pitures,blog,animal crafs & more!
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Privacy Policy and Disclaimer
Privacy Policy and Disclaimer - information on privacy and the site rights
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