The Q & A - Questions and Answers about dogs which most dog lovers often ask. Gain some knowledge from here which may help you to solve problems between you and your doggy !

This 'questions and answers about dogs' site is very informative where you can learn about the 'do(s) and 'don't(s)' every dog lovers should know. What are the things you should avoid and what are the common mistakes most pet owners do.....etc. Some of the questions posted here maybe similar to your problems you have with your doggy. So, do come back to this side regularly or subscribe to my RSS (just click at the box at the left below the navigator bars) to keep you updated.

I will try my best to help you whichever way I can should you have questions about your dogs. Some of the questions and answers about dogs here are taken from my contribution at Yahoo! where I volunteer my knowledge and experience I have with dogs since young I could remember. The motif is to help you learn and avoid the common mistakes which most dog owners do. Thru my whole life as a dog lover I may had made mistakes in the past but mistakes learnt and I don't wish any dog lovers out there make the same mistakes. Therefore, I create this page 'questions and answers about dogs' to help you to improve your dog's life. I hope this useful to all of you.

So, don't be hesitated to fill the form below should you have any questions about dogs. I will answer your questions weekly on this page with the summary of your questions posted here. ( Do not worry as I will not publish your particulars, I may choose not to paste the questions and answers here if it appears to be the same topic here but I will not fail you, I will still email the answers to you ) So, do share with us about your doubts or problems with your dogs!

About dog barking.......

- my sister's dog was given to the shelter because she has a major barking problem and my sister has never taken this matter seriously. I'm considering buying a citronella collar.

- when someone is knocking at the door or nearby the door, my dog will bark non stop

- I have problem in solving my dog barking habit, whenever I leave him at a corner and in the car he will bark, how can I stop him?

About dog allergies - skin, lumps, rashes, skin diseases,.......more

- My dog has lumps on her skin, what could be the cause?

- I have hairless puppy, at what age can i start putting lotion on a 14 ounce hairless puppy of 8 weeks old now, and i heard Vaseline is good to use on her skin, is that right or should i use something else?

- How do dog's lips get dermatitis?

- My dog has swelling in her neck and on her right jaw. What's wrong and what can I do to reduce the swelling? I woke up this morning and found where my female chihuahua has swelling in her neck and along her right side of her jaw. What's wrong with her and what can I do to bring down the swelling?

About dog infectious diseases..........

- My dog likes to snift and lick faeces, how can I stop him?

About dog hair coat.......

- My dog has something sticky looks like gum on his coat , can I use thinner to clear it or just cut away his fur?

- My dog refuses me to clean him up after diarrhoea, he bites.......what should I do?


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