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Dog names are equally important as human. So, how should you name your dog as there are so many unique dog names to select? Is it Boy-Boy Or Gal-Gal? Of course not!! Imagine your dog or puppy has to wear the name you choose for the rest of his or her life, so be kind. ( No offend and please do not get me wrong, my point is you should try to avoid addressing your dog with name that commonly used on human. Example, some people like to call their sons as 'boy-boy'). Another example is Darkly or.... Blackly, which are best describe if the dog is in black coat and are commonly used in countries like Malaysia or Indonesia. Here are some tips :-

1) Do not choose a long syllables name - Dogs or puppies often detact names better with shorter syllables. Try not to choose a dog name with more than two syllables or longer. Well if you insist to go for three syllables than make sure the name is easy to pronouce.

2) Analyze the characteristic of your dog - For example if you have a troublemaker male dog you may want to consider the name of Jacan (Hebrew). Or if you are staying in US and have a brave and protective dog you may want to call Gi (Korean) or Borka (Russian) if you are staying in Japan. So why the opposite? Why use the Korean name in US and vice versa? Well , that is to avoid the names become too commonly used in your own country.


A WolfSpitz called Keeshond or Chien Loup - looking "macho" here! A good watchdog in well groomed grey coat.

3) Size and outlook - If your female dog is smaller in size you may want to name her as Demi (French). And if you have a white haired dog you may want to name as Alva (Latin).

Samoyed-Dog - Russia

A white haired working dog - Samoyed ( Russia )

4) Do not choose a common name for human - I do understand when you love your paws which is closed to you as part of your family you may want to name him or her with human name, one of the ways to make you feel closer to your dog just like me, if you notice I use 'he' or 'her' instead of 'it' and it makes me feel I'm closed to my pet! Well it's fine as long as you do not use the same name or name that sounds alike as any of your family members or neighbours and relatives.

It is very important to stick to the same name and do not change your dog's name as it will only confuse your dog and that makes it difficult to conduct training to your dog. Therefore, when you adopt a dog do check with the owner the dog's name and try to stick to it especially if it is an adult dog!


For example if you have a dog with an active characteristic, a swift runner like Jack Russell, you may want to name your dog as Fleta ( English-means 'fast' ).

Here are listings of dog names for both female and male dogs. Notice that I only include fewer names with three syllables.

With the list of dog names and the meanings, I hope it helps you to have more choices to consider one that suits your dog before you finally decide what to name your dog!! Remember, all dogs are unique so choose the right names!

Lists of female dog names starting from A to Z ( click here! )

Lists of male dog names starting from A to Z ( click here! )

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