Dog behaviour and training

Is your dog well behave? Are you having problem of understanding your dog? Is your dog being aggressive or has separation anxiety? How about barking non stop at visitors? Or refuses to listen to commands? How to train your dog on off-leash. Should you choose crate for house training or prefer to let your dog settle outside......... and many more subjects about dog training you can find them here. 

I know it's not easy to train a dog, i have dog too. It takes much patience and understanding of your dog's attitude will help in the training process. Do it with love, training your dog can be fun, best of all when your lovely paw has learnt to obey, you will feel it's very worthwhile, what an achievement!

So worries not, i have good news for you! I have experience experts here to help and guide you on these issues. Please browse on the links below. Remember, training starts at early age, so delay no more! 

Have fun with your doggy!

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Health and medical issues

Does your dog have medical issue? Or....... does it have bad odor from its' ears and what should you do? Is allergy a life threat to your dog and what are the symptoms? How do you get rid of the ticks & fleas from your dog's body without damaging its' skin? When should you give your puppy the very first vaccine? What are the common illness for the elderly dogs? ...... and more! 

Recipes for food & treats

How much do you know about dog's nutritional needs? Are you feeding your dog right? What about the food you should avoid for your dog? And what are the vitamins that help your dog's muscle development, immune system, brain growing..... and more! How about healthy, tasty recipes for dog cookies? Have fun making it, you will be delighted to know how easy it is to make dog treats and more!