Essential items for dog you should prepare before getting a dog home

So which are the essential items for dog you need to prepare to suit your dog? Which are the 'must have' dog grooming tools? There are so many types of leashes for dogs,dog crates and others in the market made of different kind of materials, some suitable for adult dogs and not for puppies while some are meant for training purposes like the retractable dog leash. And that goes to dog collars, toys for dogs, shampoo for dogs, grooming products, dog accessories.....etc, all these are essential items. Even dog food comes in many categories like holistic food, organic or commercial diets etc. They are sold in form of canned food, dried or dehydrated food. Some for improvement of the dog's coat, for sensitive skin, some formulated for stronger bones, special diet food for adult dog.....etc. Do check with the retailer if you are not sure. I will talk about well balanced diet and vitamins supplements for dogs later.

Here are some of the essential items you must get them ready before you get a dog or puppy home.

Basic items you need to prepare............


1. dog crate/cage

2. water & food container

3. dried/canned food

4. dog collar

5. leash for dog

6. dog treat/dog chews/toys for dog

and for dog grooming tools you need :

7. towel

8. dog comb/brush

9. dog shampoo

10.eyes solution

11.ear powder for dog

12.ear cleansing lotion for dog

13.cotton wool & cotton buds

14.nail cripper and scissors or shears for dog

and of cause, you do need a hair dryer. On top of that there are a few optional items like flea and de-tick products should your dog has flea or tick.

Click on the links below to compare each item and find out which one suits your dog.

dog cage and dog crate

Dog crate and cage - Advisible to have either a crate, cage or a play pan, it is also a good tool to train your dog. Learn to train your dog in a appropriate way with it, learn how.......(click here!)


Leash and Retractable Leash - They are many types of leashes, it is important to choose the right one so that your puppy or adult dog will not get hurt or feel uncomfortable. Find out the differences. ( click here!)


Dog Collar - One of the essential items you must have. Which type of collar right for your dog? Is it Standard collar? Harness? Head Halter? Choker? Citronella Collar or Martingale Collar? compare them.......Also, learn how to check if your pet is comfortable with the collar. ( click here! )


Dog bowls - Which type of water and food bowls more practical? Which type of material is better? Find out more! ( click here! )


Dog brush and comb - One of the must have dog grooming tools! important to choose the right brush and learn to brush your dog's hair the right way so that it won't damage your dog's hair coat.(click here!)

Towel -- A must for dogs you must have, just like human! Choose a towel made of 100% cotton which absorbs water better and comfy. Hey, do not forget dogs have more hair (fur) than we do so even a small breed of dog will wet the whole towel! 

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