Dog bowls, food and water containers

I would suggest you to get two dog bowls or containers, one for food and one for water. Why? Well, because there is a risk of using one bowl for both food and water, just in case the food is contaminated then the dog bowl or container will harbour the bacteria and if you do not wash the bowl well and replace or refill it with water, your dog is actually drinking contaminated water too!! Huh imagine that!


Container - Dual bowls - For water and food. It's an essential item. You may use a single container. So plastic or metal container? Well, if your plastic container is scratched and battered, I would suggest you to change a new one because they will harbor bacteria from the food lodged in the scratched. You may want to get a ceramic or heavy-gauge stainless steel bowl instead of keep changing the plastic container. There are many types of containers for food and water, choose the right size for your dog.


Attachable water container - Comes with screw attached upside down to the cage which holds the water or food container more secured especially if your doggy always likes to play with it and spills off the water. But if you have an active dog then you have to adjust to the ideal level so that your dog won't poke his eyes at the metal dispenser by accident.


Tower Container - Release and refill water by itself. The flow of the water is released bit by bit. Good as you don't have refill the water so many times. But remember, do wash the container regularly even if the intake of amout of water by your dog is very little. (example if you have a very small dog).

Other essential items for dog besides dog bowls you must prepare



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