What is Hypoallergenic Dogs? Which are the dog breeds that may be fallen in this group?

Hypoallergenic dogs usually refering to dogs that cause or trigger less reaction to human who suffer to allergies. Honesty, there is no scientific principles rule to categorize that dogs with short or less hair are hypoallergenic will not cause allergy to human. Why? Because there is no 100% hypoallergenic dog breeds and moreover there are other factors too may cause allergies to the group of human who suffer allergies. Having saying it, I do agree that one of the ways to avoid the irritation in human who suffer allergies is to choose those dogs with less hair or doesn't shed much. And if I tell you there are certain dog breeds that don't shed at all means I'm lying to you. In general, doctors would also advise those who have asthma and pregnant women to avoid in contact with cats, dogs, rabbits, and other furry animals.

As President Obama is getting puppies for his daughters, hypoallergenic dogs suddenly became a 'hit'! President's eldest daughter, Malia is susceptible to allergy, therefore there are some dog breeds suggested to the president that may be suitable for his daughters. Below is a list of dog breeds that are hypoallergenic dogs )

So, is there any other factors that may cause allergies other than dogs or cats' hair? Well, study shows that human who suffer allergies may also sensitive to other animal saliva, skin, and urine too. Unfortunately, no vets in the world have proven that certain dog breeds' saliva may cause irritation to sensitive people and hypoallergenic dogs are 100% allergen free! Hah!

So what is 'allergen'?

So, what is allergen? In simple a term, the definition of allergen is a substance such as pollen or mold that causes allergy. It is kind of 'protein' that has the capacity in causing human reaction in discomfort or irritation. In some cases, there are human who are allergies not just to dogs or cats' fur but grass, cat danders, bee venom, or penicillin.

Human body has an amazing defense system capable in distinguishing what is 'foreign' from what is 'it self'. Our body system responds and detrays subtances that can cause infection or in some cases harmless subtances and some are more serious. Immune system is complex in the body produces millions of cells each day. Each cell has a 'job' to seek out and destroy foreign invaders called antigens ( short-form of antibody generating ). This antigen is a foreign invader in the body such as bacteria, fungus, parasites, pollen and virus. Human system then reacts to antigen and responds, that is what we call 'antibody response', and produces antibodies such as immunoglobulin E (IgE) which causes inflamation and itchiness, there's where people who suffers allergy feel discomfort.

So in short, allergen comes from anything such as polluted air, animals, chemicals, detergents, food, plant.....and many more, it can be absorbed through skin, ingest and inhaled and antigen is the substance that triggers the immune system to produce anitibodies. In another word allergen the host or culprit that causes allergy.

Why human allergy to dog?

The very common reaction from human who suffers allergy problem are sneezing and itchiness or some even develop rashes. You see, dog has a protein called 'Can F-1' in its saliva and on skin which can cause human who suffers from allergy sneez, itchi or rashes. Whether they are hypoallergenic dog breeds or not, all dogs do have 'Can F-1' protein. In general, to reduce the concentration of Can F-1, bath the dog frequently and clipped. Those dogs with dry and oily skin are likely to have more concentrate Can F-1 protein which will cause the allergy and discomfort to human who is sensitive to dogs.

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I hope in brief it makes you understand easily and gain little knowledge after reading this article as I've tried my best to explain it in a very simple term as most of us are not doctors or vets. (smile!)

So my advise is........whether you are allergy or not, have asthma or not, or any kind of allergy problems, you should wash your hands after contacted dogs or cats' salivia, urine or in some cases animals that have skin disorder.

Therefore it will be better for those who have allergies problems to spend some time at the kennel or pet shop to see if any of the dog breeds cause allergies and which breeds cause less discomfort before you commit a live time responsibility --- men best friends! But wait a minute.....if any of you have the intention to own dogs, please do consider to adopt dogs from the shelter or any SPCA. You will be surprised that there are some pure pedigrees, hybrid dogs and hypoallergenic dogs too!

Here are some dog breeds that maybe categorized as Hypoallergenic. They are either don't shed much, less hair, don't hold dander, or the hair ph is close to human. Kindly note that dog breeds which are not listed here doesn't mean they are non hypoallergenic breeds. I 'm sharing with you and providing you whatever as far as I know.

Below are some Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

American Hairless Terrier

Airedale Terrier

Bedlington Terrier

Bichon Frisé

- Chihuahua

Chinese Crested

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Fox Terrier


Inca Hairless Dog or Peruvian Hairless Dog

Irish Water Spaniel

- Portuguese Water Dog

Kerry Blue Terrier

- Poodles

Scottish Terrier

Silky Terrier

Sealyham Terrier

Welsh Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Why dogs do have allergies like human ?

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