Learn how to make greeting cards for all occasions with nice designs and cute animal pictures

greeting card with crane picture

"Greeting Cards - the silent of expression!" Are you thinking of doing something special for your friends on special occasions? How about making cards for them by yourself? Yes, handmade cards are more sentimental and I'm sure they will appreciate! Express yourself with nice words and phrases on the cards!

Let's start with a simple and easy handmade greeting card for someone close to you. Here, I choose the rubber stamp with the wording "FRIENDS - it can happen in a day, and last a life time". I find the phrase is very meaningful especially to someone you like very much. Using embossing technique to enhance the picture, with the nice wording plus the color of the stockcard papers are so vibrant, it makes the whole card looks very nice and sentimental. Let's get hands on this project now and enjoy the making of the card!

crafts tools

craft tools you need to make the Cranes Greeting Card
Stockcard :

- orange color 120g art paper 15cm x 21cm and another 6.6cm x 4.8cm

- Japanese fancy craft paper by Daiso Japan 'Water Knabe Baroque' 6 1/2cm x 14cm

- white color paper 120g art paper 6cm x 4cm and another 6.8cm x 8.8cm

pigment ink :

Versa orange and Versa black



craft embossing tool (heat gun)

embossing powder (clear color)

rubber stamps :-

- by all night media #4263L

- cranes stamp - 800030 'Perching stock' by newstamponthe block

- embossing tools : Ranger 'clear' powder and craft embossing heat gun

**This craft is suitable for adults and kids from 7 years old and above. Adult's supervision is advised when kids are doing crafts with scissors, penknife, embossing or using electrical gadgets and any chemical solutions.

greeting cards

1. Tap the orange color pigment ink onto the clear stamp then stamp it on a white paper.

greeting cards

2. Apply the embossing technique on it. It enhances the picture and creates 3D effect as you can see here.

greeting cards

3. Fold the orange art paper into two in equal size, paste the Japanese fancy craft paper on the bottom leaving some gaps around the corners as shown.

greeting cards

4. Using glue, position it as shown and paste the embossed Cranes picture on it.

5. Apply the black color pigment ink on the rubber stamp and paste on a white paper then cut it out.

6. On another orange color paper which is slightly bigger then it, paste it on top.

greeting cards

7. Turn to the back, cut 4 small double sided tapes and paste on all the 4 corners. That will give you the pop-up effect.

greeting cards

8. On the right bottom corner, position it nicely and paste it on the fancy paper portion. Here you are, a card is done!

what is 'embossing' technique? learn the right way of embossing

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