Dog Leashes - type of leashes and the function


standard dog leash

There are many types of dog leashes in the market, choose the type suits your purpose well. Made of cotton, metal chain with leather handle, full leather or canvas to be attached to the collar. Good enough for training and when taking a stroll with your beloved dog. If you think you need to control your dog more then you might want to consider to attach the leash to different type of collars like harness or head halter instead of the standard collar where you can have a better control of your doggy but make sure you know how to use them well and know how to fit them on your dog properly so that your dog won't feel discomfort or hurt.


Standard Leash - So, is it essential item? Yes of course! A must have essential item for dog. But do bear in mind you do not use leash on a small breed puppy of less than three months old. And don't you worry you can still train your puppy with other commands without the leash during this period of time. See Puppy training.

Retractable leash - Leash with the lenght of 3m to 5m or more that can be extended and retractable. Look out for the indication where it states 13meters holds up to 39kg etc. Good for training aid, ideal for training your dog to return when called as well as control its' freedom.

So, which dog leashes suit which dog breeds?

In general, the smaller to moderate in width of the leash make of nylon goes well with the smaller size and less active dog while the broader and thicker of leash made of leather, strong canvas or metal chain goes well with medium to bigger size, strong and more active dog. Do bear in mind and do not under estimate on smaller size of dog like Jack Russell, a very active and robust dog needs stronger leash!

Dog Leahes and Dog Collars - Find out which dog leashes go well with which collars, how they work "hand-in-hand" so that you have a better control of your dog!

Dog crate and cage, baby gate or playpen - Another way to confine, control and train your dog.

Essential items for dogs - It is important to get ready the essential items before you bring a puppy or adult dog home.



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