How to stop your dog barking non stop

Dog barking is their nature, their genetic blueprints! There are few types of barking, the good ones - the alert, excited and the playful barking, and the bad ones - the frustration due to wanting for something, lonely, or perhaps in some sort of pain ( which is rarely because usually you can hear them howling when they are in pain ) and nuisance barking. 

Q - my sister's dog was given to the shelter because of her dog barking problem and my sister has never taken this matter seriously. So I'm considering buying a citronella collar. Does it help?

A : The Citronella Collar does help. But bear in mind that you shouldn't count on this collar alone, well maybe just for a very short period. There are many reasons why a dog barking non stop. A good bark and a bad bark.

Always remember this......other than any types of anti barking dog collars, human play the most important part in the doggy's world. Not only we got to spend time with them to understand them better but training is essential. After training and your dog obeys you, that's your most proud moment!

Well either you keep your sister's dog or let someone close to you to adopt her dog, someone loves dog and a responsible person, and someone you always keeping in touch so that you can find out if the dog is doing ok. Please note : dogs need time to adjust and adapt to new place and new enviroment, and it's hard if the 'ex-owner suddenly disappear' so make sure you as the 'ex-owner' make frequent visits to your dog until your dog gets used to it. Start training your sister's dog ASAP as proper training can stop her dog barking problem.

Owning a dog is a life time commitment, if you train your dog well and take care of your dog well, what you get in return is joy and royal life companion!

Q - my dog always barks non stop whenever there is someone nearby the door or knocking at the door, how can I stop my dog barking?

A : A - This is called 'alert barking'. It is good that your dog is alert and we should not 'prohibit' his instintive nature. Before I answer your question, allow me a minute to share my experience with you....

When my companion dog Shih Tzu making an alert barking for the very first time and turned his head at me for attention, I quickly attended to him and asked "who is that?" then he turned his head at the door and continued barking, I then gave him a gentle rub on his head and praised him "good boy! I know you have done a good job, it's ok now sit and wait!" After a short while I wanted to test him if he understood "who's that?", so one day I made an attempt by asking him "go check who's that?" when there wasn't anyone at the door. To my surprise he would start barking on his way running to the door then sat there and barked and turned his head at me for attention, after I said "it's ok you have done a good job" he stopped barking, amazing!!

This is what you should do.....

- put some treats in your pocket, have his collar and leash on, then ask your family member to knock or ring the door bell. When your dog alerts you with his barking, walk to him and have him at your side, praise him by saying "good boy" and stroke him then say "sit" and "wait", reward him with treats if he obeys your command. ( refer to 'puppy training' on how to exercise the commands 'sit' and 'wait' ) If he does not obey, tug the leash a little to stimulate him and keep repeating your commands. Do not give in. Practise this method a few times until your dog understands your instruction.

Q - I have a question and need an answer to solve my dog barking problem, whenever I leave him at a corner and in the car he starts to bark.

A : A - The isolation and departure are the cause of leading to your dog barking. If your dog has learnt the 'stay' command, use it before you open your car door. If he barks when you leave your car, ignore him and do not turn your head back to him.

Place some toys and treats at the spot. Use the command 'settle down' on your dog. Leave the spot and gradually increase your distant from him. Ignore him if he barks and no eyes contact.

dog in a car

My eight months old black and white Shih Tzu started barking non stop in a car as soon as I parked the car and put the leash on him as he was too excited to get out of the car to join me for a stroll. Normally I did not shut my dog up in this scenario because firstly, I believe any dogs should be entittled to some point of excitement! As long as their barking noise do not disturd others in the park. Secondly, my dog did not bark in the car on the journey to the park, he was quite well behave.

**Useful advise : Like human, some dogs may take longer time to learn something, so it will be good for you to know your dog learning ability and train him patiently. If your dog is a fast learner and after many correct steps and attempts still does not stop his barking, you may want to try the anti-barking collar or Citronella collar for a short while. Although the spray brings no harm to animals, do check with the vet if your dog has no problem with citronella. Find out more about this anti-barking collar by clicking on the brown color links. Remember, proper training is still the best way to solve your dog barking problem.

So how do dog collars and dog leashes help in training your dog? See dog collars and dog leashes , also see Puppy training (coming soon!).

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