Poodles of Germany - Standard, Miniature and Toy size - the water retriever dog, also called Barbone and known as Caniche in France


Dog breed : there are three sizes of Germany Poodles, seen here is the Standard size, white coat in English Lion intricate clipped hair for show purpose.

The Germany 'water retriever' working dog swims well, also called Pudel, Borbone and Caniche. Comes in three sizes, from the largest to the smallest size - The Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodles. Known for its' elegant lion clipped hair can be seen in all dog shows. It resembles the Irish Water Spaniel, both from the same ancestors in the French Barbet, the France Water Dog.

toy poodle

Dog breed : seen here is a female Toy Poodle in lamb clipped haired in very light brown curly coat. It is the smallest size among the Poodles. ( picture courtesy of Ms Agnes )

type : working dog, also companion dog

country of origin : Germany

since : 1400s

height : Standard Poodle - 38cm ( 15in ), Miniature : 28-38cm ( 11 - 15in), Toy : 20-28cm ( 8-11in )

weight : Standard : 20 to 32kg ( 45 - 70lb ), Miniature : 12 to 14kg ( 26 - 30lb ), Toy : 6 to 7kg ( 14 - 15lb )

coat : thick wired hair in white, dark and light brown, dark grey and black, dense profuse coat, coat needs to be clipped every 6 to 8 weeks

temperament : intelligent and lively

characteristics : docked tail with puffy wired hair at the top, looks elegantly in English Lion clipped hair, some in Continental Lion clipped hair and some in Lamb clipped hair, long straight muzzle with tight fitting lips, and straight parallel forelegs

feeding : one to one and a half cans of meat with equal part of biscuits for Standard size, about three quaters of can meat and biscuits in equal for Miniature size while half can of meat and biscuits in equal amount for Toy size

exercise : average

grooming : need regular clipping, special kind of comb need for proper grooming, more on the type of comb and brush for the style of English and Continental Lion and Lamb hair do.

** other breeds look alike : Same breed but smaller in sizes - Miniature and Toy size, Portugese Water Dog of Portugal and French Barbet of French.

The Right Comb and Brush

the right grooming techniques on Poodles, right brushes and combs on different types of dog hair coats - Check out the type of grooming tools suitable for this dog breed. It is very important to use the right brush for the right hair coat so that you do not damage their hair.

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