Chihuahua - the Mexican famous tiny toy dog

long hair coat Chihuahua

Dog breed : long hair coat tiny toy dog of Mexico, Chihuahua.

This tiny toy breed Chihuahua with it's distinctive globular eyes was believed to be the decendant of Techichi and was kept by Toltec Indians as early as in the 9th century. Comes in two types of hair coat, short smooth hair coat and longer slightly wavy coat. Most favorite coat type is the short hair coat. The long hair coat was the crossed breeds of Yorkshire Terrier and Papillon. It was taken to USA in the 19th century then later to Europe.

Although the size maybe small but they do bark persistently. They are social by natural and best not to leave them alone. They are very sensitive to cold, they will shiver when nervous and excited. Not suitable for children as they maybe fatally injured easily.

short hair chihuahua

White short hair Chihuahua

type : toy dog, also a very good companion dog

country of origin : Mexico

since : 9th century

height : 14 - 22cm ( 6 - 9in )

weight : 1.5 - 3kg ( 2 - 6ib )

coat : short smooth glossy hair and longer slightly wavy hair coat, in white, chestnut, silver, steel blue, fawn and mostly combination

temperament : loyal, social in natural, maybe short tempered, can be playful too

characteristics : globular eyes, domed rounded ears and short pointed muzzle, as for longer coat they have little wavy hair but not curly, ruff on the neck and plum tail

feeding : 1/3 can meat with equal in amount of small biscuits

exercise : although mostly human like to carry them but they do enjoy good walk

grooming : moderate for short hair coat but everyday brushing for longer hair coat is needed

** note : Chihuahua has fragile skull and very vulnerable like a new born baby skull, therefore it can be very fatal. Hence, if you have children do remind them to be careful with its' head. Also, this breed dislikes cold, do make sure to keep them warm in the cold weather.

**other dog breed that looks almost like long coat Chihuahua : Japanese Chin but longer and puffy hair coat.

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