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Dog News - this site serves a good platform for me to share with you some of the interesting animal and dog news, bizarre, heartfelt story or bad news about dogs, what dogs can do beyond their capabilities or what human have done to dogs. Not only solely about dogs but I will include news about other pets or animals too. I will keep you posted as much as I can, even if the news is a bit late.......well, I mean 'back dated news', oops! The main reason of creating this site is to let you gain some knowledge about dogs and at the same time for you to express your feeling and your say on how we could do to improve dogs' lifes.

So, kindly be informed that these newsletters is not my intention to copy from any articles nor my intention to represent any parties' point of views but a platform for all the dogs' lovers out there to learn and to share their opinions. Let's improve our doggies' lifes! Enjoy reading the dog news!

Woman whack a defendless dog

posted 15th July, 2010 - #12

Yes the woman could be jailed!

The dog should not to be blamed and punished but it is the owner because the owner either did not do her part to train her dog at all from the very beginning or didn't train the dog well enough due to impatience or any other reasons. She beat at the dog's ear and almost poked the poor dog's eyes! Very Cruel!! If she always does this to the dog then i will not be surprised one day the dog will attack her back! The bad news is when this happens (where dog attacks human) usually the victim is still the dog because the dog will be put to sleep for attacking human!! So where is the justice???

And i am so shocked to hear her still has the cheek to say "this is no pain lah!"

Gosh! has she forgotten that the impact on human compare to the impact on a smaller dog is different? What kind of mentality is that? I am very sure if the dog were to be taken away from this "inhuman owner" many people in Singapore would want to adopt the dog!

Please send this message around and educate people that this is not the way to treat any animals.

Dogs' fate in China - how they were brutally beaten

posted 22th, June 2009 - #11

This article was forwarded to me by SPCA, I would like to share it with is not a good news to read but I believe any dog lovers would drop their tears after reading it. I do not publish the pictures here because they are too graphic and brutal.

Help us stop China's brutal dog culls! Dear friends

It’s devastating to have to bring you such tragic, horrible news. A rabies outbreak involving 10 human cases, has prompted authorities in China's northwest Shaanxi Province to order a cull that has already seen as many as 30,000 dogs brutally slaughtered on the streets of Hanzhong and surrounding areas. This is one in 10 of the city's dogs.

Despite our best efforts – and those of other NGOs and many desperate local people – because of two more human cases of rabies, the dogs are still being brutally hunted down by gangs of men and women wielding bloody sticks, metal hooks and ropes, then heartlessly clubbed to death. Some are cherished family pets, while others are strays that have already suffered enough in their cruel, short lives on the streets.

The gutters are running with blood, but it’s the hands of the Hanzhong authorities that are stained. The slaughtered dogs were on the streets only because these people still refuse to act on the evidence before their eyes – that the only way to manage stray-dog populations (and therefore rabies and other diseases) is to implement broad vaccination and trap, neuter, release (TNR) programmes.

Over the past two weeks, families have sobbed and fallen to their knees as their beloved dogs were snatched from their arms, roughly collared with rope and beaten to death before their eyes. Often the dogs wag their tails once or twice and look up pathetically between careless heavy blows to the face, head and spine. The dogs’ cries are spine-chilling.

Other dogs whimper and cower nearby – all of them terrified, knowing their turn will come soon. Some of the killers are local men, ordered by the authorities to help in the slaughter. Others are taking part willingly, even laughing as they brutalise the dogs.

We are so grateful to Jiang Hong, founder of the Small Animal Rescue Centre of Xian, who along with representatives of several local animal-welfare groups, made an urgent trip to Hanzhong to plead our case with the authorities.

Sponsored by Animals Asia, Ms Jiang’s group spent three traumatic days witnessing and recording the cull and offering officials help with dog control. In Yangxian town, they saw no dogs alive – just rotting carcasses scattered around the streets and in the waterways, causing a serious risk to public health.

The authorities stubbornly went ahead with the cull despite receiving advice from international and Chinese experts that culls do nothing to eradicate rabies. Our own letter – passed on to Hanzhong officials by Ms Jiang – was virtually ignored, the officials seemingly unmoved and uncaring.

I’m deeply saddened by these events. I’ve grown to love China and hate to see such wanton disregard for the country’s image in the world, let alone the sheer disregard for the suffering of people and animals. But this is just a small part of the story. Every day, we are seeing amazing developments, particularly through our relationships with more than 60 local animal-welfare groups throughout the country. SOS

Even in Hanzhong, the scene of such bloodshed earlier this month, there is positive news. More than 200 residents attended the lakeside vigil, forming a poignant “SOS” with lighted candles to mourn the victims, many of them their pets; and because of the cull, some animal lovers have formed an organisation to lobby their local authorities to adopt stray-dog management measures.

Other municipalities are listening. Just last month, Animals Asia – along with other animal-welfare groups – was able to convince officials in Hehei, Heilongjiang Province to abandon a similar cull.

Please help us with this! We urgently need funds to equip local groups with the materials and information they need to convince their local governments to work with them. With grants from Animals Asia, these groups will be able to produce their own flyers, leaflets and banners to send to the authorities, the media and public along with our Dr Eddie Education Packs, and to continue our TNR programmes.

Donate to dog cull appeal more and more cities are listening and implementing regulations to control stray dog and cat populations. It is so important that we keep the momentum going. It is the local people themselves who are bringing about these changes. They no longer want to live in fear of walking their dogs on the streets.

These people are willing to work hard, but most are poor and lacking resources. Please help us to help them.



Jill Robinson MBE Founder and CEO Animals Asia Foundation

PS: Please write a polite letter to your local Chinese embassy asking for an immediate stop to the Hanzhong cull and an end to cruel dog culls throughout China. Please also ask that the Chinese authorities work with Animals Asia to introduce effective, lasting and humane anti-rabies measures.

Oprah's dog died of Parvo Disease and second puppy is survived

posted 23th March, 2009 - #10

It's very sad to any dog lovers to hear that the famous talk show host Oprah's Cocker Spaniel, Ivan is dead after contracted the deadly disease called Parvovirus or Parvo while the second puppy Sadie, is diagnosed with Parvo too. And the good news is, the second puppy now is better and have the appetite to eat. Parvo is very dangerous disease. All dog owners should bring their dogs for the vaccination yearly, especial if you let your dog for stroll or to the park where they are other dogs around. Parvo virus comes from the dog's poo. Click to find out what is - Parvovirus, the diagnosis and how to prevent.

Obama family is getting Portuguese Water Dog

posted 26th Fed, 2009 - #09

Finally the USA President Obama and his family have decided to get their first hypoallergenic dog from the shelter --- Portuguess Water Dog! Congratulation Mr President, you have made the right choice! Click to find out what is - Portuguese Water Dog and what is - Hypoallergenic Dog

Dog married to Human

posted 22th Fed, 2009 - #08

Yes you heard it!! A boy of less than two years old is married to a dog of his neighbour because he has a tooth grows on the upper gum and it is believed that by marrying to a dog will get rid of bad curse as the tooth grows on his upper gum is a curse! This news comes from BHUBANESWAR, India. The interesting part is, no dowry needed and the boy is allowed to marry to human when he grows up.

All Dogs must have inplant microchips and Dangerous dog breeds are soon to be banned

posted 17th Fed, 2009 - #07

It may be sad for some dog owners if they happen to like some of these breeds and have the intention to get one. Due to the recent few inccidents happened in Singapore, the AVA may want to propose tighter rules and ban on some of the "dangerous" dog breeds soon. If it is approved, the dog breeds that are to be banned would be :

Perro De Presa Canario, Cane Corso, Dogue De Bourdeaux, Pit Bull Terrier, Akita, Neapolitan Mastiff, Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Boerboel and maybe some other breeds added in the list.

Currently there are about 44 dogs from these breeds as mentioned. When the banned is imposed it will not affect these 44 dogs. So dog owners of these breeds please take note, if you have any of these dog breeds and still have not registered your dog yet please register now!

Since 2007, AVA in Singapore seen the increase of cases where dogs and human are bitten by dogs. Even the smaller breed such as Maltese too bites, it maybe rare for breed like this unless the dog is provoked but we should not take for granted that small dogs do not bite. From the study, it shows small breeds dogs are responsible for about 35% of the bitten inccidents.

On top of that, the AVA Singapore has imposed the rules that all dogs must inplant microchips. Dog breeds such as Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, - German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Mastiffs and all their crosses must be leashed and muzzled. Especially the working dog Rottweiler and all its' crosses, the owner of this breed needs to buy an insurance policy of at least S$100K, also need to put up a banker's guarantee of S$2000 if the dog strays, bites a person or lost. And lastly all Rottweilers owners must send their dogs for obedience training.

Dog owner sued pet seller over Canine Parvovirus Disease

posted 13th Fed, 2009 - #06

Sad dog's very heart breaking for a puppy which just found a new home but died shortly few days later........

This is a case where the dog owner suspected that the puppy must had been infected before she Ms Chua, bought over a three months old Japanese Spitz from a pet farm in Singapore. Ms Chua bought the puppy then sent her pup for vaccination four days later. The next day after the vaccination, her puppy vomited blood and passed stools with blood and have difficulty in breathing becuase of the phlegm. So two days later Ms Chua took her Japanese Spitz to the vet for clinical care but two days later the puppy died.........

Heart broken, sad and furious, she tried to figure out why the puppy died so soon. So she asked for the autopsy report from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority and found out that her puppy was infected the deadly dog disease Parvovirus . Curious about the disease, she looked through websites to learn more about it and found that Pavovirus Disease can incubate from 6 days to 14 days before the symptoms show. She then asked the pet seller to give her the refund siding that the puppy must had been contracted the disease before she bought over. Rejected by the seller, she took him to court and she won the case eventually.

**Learn about Dog Parvovirus Disease, what causes it, the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

President Obama is getting Hypoallergenic Dogs for his daughters

posted 12th Nov, 2008 - #05

**Find out why and learn about Hypoallergenic Dogs

Dog Transfered to rejoin US soldier

posted 15th Oct, 2008 - #04

Usually Defense Dept prohibits soldiers in the US Central Command includes Iraq from adopting pets. But in recent case it made an exception. Sgt.Gwen Beberg of Minneapolis wrote from Iraq to request his dog Ratchet to be transfered to US. I guess dogs really make men's best friends afterall, many people signed the petition urging the army to let an Iraqi puppy come home to Sgt.Gwen fearing it might get killed if left behind.

The black coat dog Ratchet was rescued from a building pile of trash in May. The good news is Ratchet will be rejoined with it's owner! According to Baghdad Pups, so far about 50 dogs and numbers of cats have been transfered to US.

Four Eared Cat

posted 25th Aug, 2008 - #03

Yap! You heard it correctly! The couple from Downers Grove, Chicago , adopt the four eared feline from a bar owner at Blue Island bar. Back in 2006, this smoke-colored cat with extra ears was kept in a cage at the bar, some of the bar customers called it "Devil Cat", "Beelzebub" and "Yoga". The couple, Ted and Valerie Rock felt pity for the cat and adopt it. Glad you found a good home little Yoga! Meow meow!

Royal breed German Shepherd guarding owner's dead body

posted 13th Aug, 2008 - #2

What a touching dog news! A German Shepherd famous for it's excellent over-guarding character, breaking a touching news! Cash was guarding her owner's dead body, 25 years old Jake Baysinger of northestern Colorado for the past six weeks!! It was believed that the owner committed suicide and his royal dog Cash, had been guarding by her owner's side.

The owner had gone missing since 28th June, 2008. When found, poor Cash was looking thin and dehydrated. It was believed that the German Shepherd probably ate mice and rabbits. It was also believed that this royal working dog kept away coyotes from her owner's dead body.

This is not the first time I heard news about royal dogs guarding their owners' dead bodies, as far as I can remember this is the 3rd time I heard and read about such news. When I was in my teen, I read about a royal dog refused to eat and went home but guarding his owner's grave for many days ( can't remember how long ) under the rain and hot sun!! Oh boy........dogs are really owners' best and royal friends!! May God bless all the doggies all over the world to have a better lifes and free from abuse!


**German Shepherd - Need to know more about the guarding dog German Shepherd? Learn about this breed's characteristic . Click here!

Cloning of dogs

posted 10th Aug, 2008 - #1

Recently, I have read a bazaar dog news! It's about a passionate dog owner Ms Bernann McKinney 58, who has sold her house to raise US50,000 to pay to clone her dog, a PitBull Terrier. And my reaction! what a great sacrifice! Her 'bizarre' sacrifice strikes my emotional feeling straight away as I, a dog lover who has lost my dog last year, feel the heart pain as Ms McKinnney is and understand why she is willing to go so far......The puppies were cloned from the late dog Booger's ear tissue and were born to two surragate mothers on 28th July, 2008. The operation was done by Korean team led by Professor Lee Byeong Chun in May, 2008.

How far can you or are you willing to sacrify for your dog? And how far is "far" you can define? I lost my dog too, the grieving I still have today is unbearable....I still drop my tear whenever I think of my dog, almost everyday without fail....I know this is not healthy but the fact that my dog had spent 13 years being a royal and good companion to me, had the human-pet bond which will not be replaced by any dog. All my family members are pets lovers, since young my parents kept dogs, cat, 10 over pairs of birds, rabbits, fishes, terrapins,...... Over the years, although my parents got new dogs to replace what we had lost, it will never be the for me when I lost my dog of old age, I keep blaming myself for not doing a better job in taking care of my beloved dog even though everyone told me I had sacrificed a lot in many areas all these years, but to me it will never never never be enough. Therefore, the guilt and grief is still with me......

Many dog owners would get a new dog after they lost their beloved pets. Well all I could say is, a new comer may shorten your grief for your lost but it will never erase the memories and the bond you had with your previous dog. So do remember not to expect the same from your new dog as each individual dog is unique on its' own. As for Ms McKinney, whether she has gone too far or not is not for me to comment. But as for all of you who have read this, it would be good if you could ask yourself just ONE question - "how far will I sacrifice for my dog while my dog is still alive?"

Do come back for more dog news, pet and animal news!

Logevity of different dog breeds - each breed has different lifespan, find out the longevity of each dog breeds.

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