Miniature Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer and Giant Schnauzer of Germany - also called Riesenschnauzer and Zwergschnauzer


Dog breed : seen here is Miniature Schnauzer with it's prominent chin whiskers and stubby moustache at a dog park with Body Harness collar.

The Miniature Schnauzer, or another name called Zwergschnauzer, was derived from crossing Affenpinscher with the smaller size Schnauzer. It was exhibited for the first time in 1899. It was brought by W.D.Geoff from Germany to USA in 1923. And the first was brought to UK by Mr. W.H.Hancook in 1928. In USA and Canada, Schnauzer is categorized as terrier while in UK it is classed as utility group and is a popular family pet and good in show rings.

Schnauzer or Standard Schnauzer is the oldest varieties among the three sizes. It was believed to be the descended from Bouvier Des Flandres of Belgium. This standard size was published in Germany in 1880.

The Giant Schnauzer, or another name called Riesenschnauzer, was first exhibited at a show in Munich, Germany in 1909 under the name of the Russian Bear Schnauzer and was also know as Munich Schnauzer. Often in black color, was used in UK as herding dog and police dog.

type : terrier and hearding dog, also a good companion dog

country of origin : Germany

since : 1800s

height : Miniature Schnauzer : 33 - 36cm ( 13 - 14in ), Standard Schnauzer : 42 - 50cm ( 17 - 20in ), Giant Schnauzer 60 - 70cm ( 23 - 28in )

weight : Miniature Schnauzer: 6 - 7kg ( 13 - 15lb ), Giant Schnauzer : 32 - 35kg ( 70 - 77lb )

coat : pepper and salt, harsh and wiry in grey color, for show purposes the dog owner would usually avoid clipping in order not to spoil the coat

temperament : robust, loyal, playful, protective, good with children

characteristics : bushy eyebrows lighter in colour, prominent chin whiskers and stubby mustache

feeding : for Miniature about half can of meat while three quarters of can meat for Standard size, one to one and a half can of meat for Giant size of Schnauzer, all with equal amount of biscuits

exercise : moderate to plenty

grooming : need to strip the coat twice a year to remove dead hair, whiskers to be combed every day

**other dog breeds that look almost like this breed : Bouvier Des Flandres of Belgium, Airedale Terrier and Lakeland Terrier and Wire Fox Terrier and Welsh Terrier of UK, Cesky Terrier of Czechoslovakia.

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