German Shepherd or Deutscher Schaferhund, Alsatian - the famous police and military guard dog and guide dog for the blind


Dog breed: German Shepherd is called the police and military dog, also used to guide the blind.

The popular German Shepherd well known for it's scenting ability, guarding, rescue and guiding the blind, was first exhibited at a show in Hanover, Germany in 1882. It was said maybe a descendant of Bronze Age wolf. The existing similar type of Shepherd was said to have lighter coat. Rittmeister von Stephanitz, who worked to improve its temperament in 1900s. In 1971 British Kennel Club restored the name German Shepherd.

type : herding dog, good companion dog too

country of origin: Germany

since : 1800s

height : 57 - 62cm (23 - 25in )

weight : 34 - 43kg (75 - 95lb )

coat : short coat, some in long and some wired hair

temperament : versatile, intelligent, responsive, alert, good guard dog, sometimes over protective

characteristics : elongated body, muzzle is half the length of the head, straight forelegs and strong thights, black nose and picked pointed ears, good scenting ability working dog

feeding : one and a half to two and a half cans of meat plus biscuits in equal amount

exercise : plenty, good for obedient and agility training

grooming : daily brushing

**other breeds look almost similar to German Shepherd : Malinos (lighter coloration of coat) and Tervuren both from Belgium (longer coat).

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