How to make simple bookmarks carry important message about dogs and other pets?

Hi animals and pets lovers, let's make bookmarks for your loved ones with adorable Beagle dog picture and carries important message "I'm not just a pet but life companion"!!

Using simple stamping techniques in this project, create good message and deliver this important message to others and let them know that keeping pets is a lifetime commitment!

It is also a good school project or make it a SPCA charity project to sell your crafts with this message and donate to the dogs adoption department!

So, let's do our part for the animals and pets!! Let's start having fun in making this paper crafts!

craft tools

crafts tools you need to make the Beagle dog bookmark......

- paper : stockcard or art paper in cream color 200g 13cm x 5.5cm

- rubber stamps : bigger paw rubber stamp by Kaiserstamp, smaller paws rubber stamp by Stampcraft 440L02 and Beagle clear stamp by Megilo

- brown coloured check ribbon 2.5cm x 6cm

- small craft bell, golden color

- gold coloured bookmark string

- pigment or archival ink pad : Versa medium brown color and Versa pastel blue color

- a pair of scissors

- pigment marker : light brown and black coloured fine o.4mm marker

- craft glue

- text plate, any font

- pencil and ruler

**Kindly note that this craft is suitable for kids of 7 years old and above and should be under the adult's supervision when handling scissors.

1. Apply glue on the ribbon and paste on the left side of the art paper, trim away any access ribbon with scissors.

2. Tap the medium brown colour ink pad on the Beagle clear stamp then stamp it on the left side of the cream paper near the ribbon. Now tap the pastel blue ink pad of the paw rubber stamp then stamp it on the right side of the cream paper, leaving about 1cm space from the edge. Highlight the doggy's eyes with darker marker to enhance it.

3. Use ruler to draw 3 lines. Align them as seen on the picture at the top of this page. With the text plate, use the light brown marker write over the text to form the sentence "I'm not just a pet but life time companion".

4. At the right edge of the card near the paw, use scissors to cut the shape of the paw as seen here.

5. With the smaller paws rubber stamp, stamp it at the back of the bookmark as seen.

7. To make the paws look more interesting, enchance it with marker highlighting them as shown. Punch a hole in the top middle of the bookmark, tie a string attached with a bell thru it.


Here you are, the back of the it looks interesting!

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