Interesting and Humorous Animal & Dog Pictures for your laughter!

Welcome to my funny Animal and Dog Pictures Gallery! Hehehe! These funny dog pictures as well as other animal pictures are selected because I want to share the laughter with you! Some are cute, humorous and funny pictures, I will add on as and when I come accross more pictures like these.

Manytimes we may not realise how funny our pets and any animals can be. Whether it is intentionally or unintentionally, these animals' 'bodies lauguage' tell all! Some of you may have dogs with funny behavior or habit but hey, I would like to suggest to you to take a picture of them, collect them in an album. Why? Well, so that your dogs or pets are not just 'man's best friend' who obey your commands, loyal to you or being good watchdogs, they make you laugh with their 'unique' and 'innocent' behavior which captured in the photos! So remember, always be handy with your cell phone ( with the camera funtion ready when you are with your dog ) for candy-shoot of your dog and other animals. Have a good laugh and have a good day!

baboon monkey with red butt

Hamadryas Baboon monkeys with protruding red butts

cat sleeping on a dog

A cat sleeping so comfy on a dog

a puppy sitting on a cat

A stray puppy sitting on a Ginger cat by accident


A Pug pee at a tree.......

dogs and kitten

Two Golden Retrievers and a kitten

dog's head in ass

A dog's muzzle inside another dog's ass....

dog mess up toilet paper

Dog messing up toilet paper 




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