Alaskan Malamute - the North American Wolfspitz looks alike sleigh dog

alaskan malamute

Dog breed: North American working dog Alaskan Malamute in black, little grey and white hair coat.

This working breed known for its wolfspitz look, was developed by tribe called the Mahlemuts, the Inuit people who lived in the northwest of Alaska. This breed has strong hindquarters, broad and strong neck for pulling loads. They are working sleigh dogs, they can pull loads as heavy as 100lb or more and can travel up to about 50 miles. They are also one of the war dogs.

type : working dog, sleigh dog

country of origin : North America

since : 3000bc

height : 60-72cm ( 25 - 30in )

weight : 40 - 57kn (86 - 126lb )

coat : double layered weather resistant coat with thick woodly undercoat in black and white and combination of grey

temperament : active, devoted to owner, friendly to people but not so good with other breeds and may turn aggressive

characteristics : broad and strong neck and chest, wolfspitz looks alike, large muzzle and broad jaws, strong hocks and hindquarters

feeding : good appetite as any large dogs

exercise : plenty

grooming : daily brushing

**other dog breeds that look almost alike to this breed : Swedish Elkhound of Sweden and Siberian Husky of Russia.

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