Weimaraner or Weimaraner Vorstehhund of Germany - the unique metalic sheen grey coat gundog


Dog breed : the unique metallic sheen grey coat Weimaraner seen here is wearing a head halter collar on his neck and muzzle. It has blue-grey eyes, long muzzle and long lobular ears with rounded tips.

Unconfirmed history of the development of this breed but it was believed descended from German Braken and some Pointers. It was noticed in 1600s when it appeared in the first painting by Flemish artist Van Dyck. The German breed club wanted a rigorous mating standard for this breed. It became known in USA during the 1940s.

type : Gundog, royal hunting dog

country of origin : Germany

since : 1600s

height : 56 - 69cm ( 22 - 27in )

weight : 32 - 39cm ( 70 - 86lb )

coat : metallic sheen grey or grey brownish short coat, some have slightly longer hair coat with lighter color on the head and ears

temperament : responsive and alert

characteristics : metalic sheen grey coat, long lobular ears with rounded tips, docked tail, long muzzle, amber or blue grey eyes

feeding : one and a half to two and a half of cans meat with biscuits added in equal amount

exercise : plenty

grooming : daily

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