Samoyed - Russian white spitz

Samoyed white spitz

Dog breed - working dog, Russian white spitz Samoyed well groomed in thick puffy coat.

This Russian white spitz is popular attractive pet. Not only just a pet but its' thick weather-resistant coat allows it to work as sledge dog in the snow, sometimes as a guard and hunt reindeer.

type : working dog

country of origin : Russian

since : 1600s

height : 46 -56cm ( 18 - 22in )

weight : 23 - 30kg ( 50 - 65kg )

coat : white thick weather-resistant coat and woolly undercoat

temperament : independent, obedient, devoted, good with children, good natural and friendly, good companion and working dog

characteristics : dark brown eyes, deep chest, muscular legs and body and hindquarters, cushioning fur on feet, long tail usually curled to one side

feeding : average

exercise : as mush as possible

grooming : daily brushing

**other dog breed looks almost alike as this breed : Japanese Spitz ( much smaller in size )

the correct way of brushing or combing Samoyed's hair coat - Check out which type of grooming tools suitable for this dog breed and learn the correct way of brushing or combing your dog's hair coat. It is very important to use the right brush for the right hair coat so that you do not damage their hair.

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