Jack Russell - fox hunting terrier of UK


Dog breed - terrier Jack Russell of UK with black sports seen here looking very alert even during a break.

A very active terrier was created by Revd Jack Russell named as 'Hunting Parson' who was very keen in hunting fox in Devon, UK. This small size dog breed often works with hounds driving out foxes.

type : terrier

country of origin : Great Britain

since : 1800s

height : 23cm - 38cm ( 9 - 15in )

weight : 5 - 8kg ( 12 - 18lb )

coat : short white coat, some with little brown or black sports

temperament : very lively, feisty, alert, active and snappy, fun-loving, affectionate, can be aggressive too

characteristics : docked tail up to about 4inches, white hair coat or white blaze near the nose, strong neck and hindlegs

feeding : half or up to one can of meat with some biscuits

exercise : plenty, need more space to run about

grooming : little

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