Dalmation - the famous Yugoslavia black rounded spots carriage and firehouse dog


Dog breed : seen here is the elegant working dog Dalmation of Yugoslavia prominent with its' rounded black spots and stern tail.

Originated in Dalmatia, Dalmation was bred in Serbia and Montenegro ( formerly Yugoslavia ) then later brought to UK, it became very famous in 1800s. It was also called "firehouse dog" because they used to accompany horse-drawn fire wagon in London. It was also used as carriage dog to protect travelers against highwaymen in Yusgoslavia. This breed became famous world wide especially to children when Waltz Disney filmed "101 Dalmation" base on Dodie Smith's story book. It has since become one of Waltz Disney famous cartoon characters!


Picture of cute Dalmation puppies gathered around a fire engine car.

type : working dog, carriage dog and firehouse dog

country of origin : Yugoslavia

since : 1400s

height : 56 - 61cm ( 22 - 24in )

weight : 23 - 25kg ( 50 - 55lb )

coat : piebald coat, black spots are rounded in shape, short hard dense hair , the pups are born white coat and only develop the black spots few weeks later, minority spots are liver-brown color

temperament : quiet, alert

characteristics : distinctive rounded black spots and stern long tail

feeding : one and a half to two cans of meat and biscuits in equal amount

exercise : plenty

grooming : daily brush and rub down, do not neglect during moult period

**other breed looks almost alike : the bigger size white and black spots ( not so round spots ) Great Dane of Germany.

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