Dachshund - Germany hound or 'sausage dog'


Dog breed : Germany hound, smooth haired Dachshund or 'sausage-dog' seen here in doggy jumpsuit.

The Germany Dachshund or short legged 'sausage dog' comes in three forms - smooth haired, long haired and wired haired. They can be either in standard sized or miniature version. Descended from Teckel, they were used primarily as badger-hunting dogs. The wired haired was the last breed to produce from crossed-breeding of Dandie Dinmont Terrier and other similar breed and was recognized in Britian in 1959. ( please pardon me, I have to be honest that I'm not sure which is the other 'similar breed')

type : hound, hunting dog

country of origin : Germany

since : 1900s

height : 13 - 23cm, ( 5 - 9in )

weight : 4 - 5kg ( 9 - 10lb )

coat : smooth haired with dense coat, long haired with feathering, wired haired with harsh textured coat

temperament : active, lively, courageous, determined, obedient, loyal and affectionate, good watchdog and good companion dog

characteristics : short legged, sausage-like dog, broad triangular rounded ears, long muscular neck, small in size but barks like a big dog!

feeding : about half can of meat for the miniature size and three quarter can for standard size added some biscuits

exercise : frequent walk not excessive

grooming : for long haired Dachshund daily brushing is needed, please refer to the correct brush/comb and the correct way of grooming your dog's hair coat.

** note : due to the long shape of this breed, they are prompt to inter-vertebral disc problems. To avoid disc injuries, you should discourage Dachshund from jumping up and running up stairs. Do not over feed this breed.

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