Beagle - the good scenting dog and hound


Dog breed : the hound English Beagle seen here is in tricoloured coat.

A good scent dog. Another size is called Pocket Beagle is about 10 inches in height but fade out after the first world war. They were believed to have probably evolved from small foxhounds. They were used to hunt hares, rabbits and even wild pigs and detact termite.

type : hound

country of origin : Great Britain

since : 1300s

height : 33 - 41cm ( 13 - 16in )

weight : 8 - 14kg ( 18 -30lb )

coat : dual or tricoloured short coat in black, white, tan or dark grey

temperament : low degree of aggression, lively and friendly

characteristics : triangular and rounded ears flap folding forwards and lying close to the head, flag tail and slightly domed skull

feeding : one to one quater of can meat plus equal amount of biscuits

exercise : plenty

grooming : little

**other breed looks almost alike : bigger sizes of Treeing Walker Coonhound of USA, American Foxhound, Harrier of UK, Hygenhund of Norway, Chien D'Artois of France, Anglo Francais De Petite Venerie of France, Schweizer Laufhund of France and Sabueso Espanol of Spain.

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