Labrador Retriever of Newfoundland - fishermen and duck hunters' best friends

labrador retreiver

Dog breed : seen here is a young Labrador Retriever in light brown colour.

Labrador Retriever's ancestor was brought from Newfoundland to UK. In Newfoundland it was initially used to help the fishermen to haul the nets. In the 1900s, because of the tax on dog ownership, this breed was demised in Newfoundland. And in UK the quarantine laws also affected this breed. Then they interbred the existing breed with the Flat Coated Retriever, that's how this breed was established.

type : gundog, guide dog and family pet, also used to detect drugs and explosive and retrieve duck in the water

country of origin : Newfoundland

since : 1800s

height : 54 - 57cm ( 21 - 23in )

weight : 25 - 34kn ( 55 - 75lb )

coat : short coat in biege, light brown, black, dark chocolate

temperament : responsive, very royal, friendly

characteristics : wide skull, thick toes, wide nose, broad neck, thick otter tail

feeding : one and a half to two cans of meat and biscuits in equal amount

exercise : need plenty because of the tendency towards obesity

grooming : regular brushing

**other dog breed looks almost alike to this breed : Golden Retriever of Newfoundland

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